Noël Geay

Noël Geay

Welcome on my personal page

The website

It's not a blog, it's not a diary. Here I present brievely my activities.
If you're looking for my CV, I invite you to go on the «professionnal contact» page. You will find it in pdf format.

What I like

Dancing, listening music, me promener, going for walk, dancing, traveling, writting, playing guitar, roaming about with my bike, learning new languages... These are some of my favourite activities !

I am attracted by «folk» musics, traditional from France, du World and elsewhere ! I also practice aeromodelism : at the present time, I pilot an accrobatic airplane, the GeeBee.

Durind the remaining time (it should say rather the most part of my time), I am student. For two years I studied Thermal and energy engineering in Grenoble. Then, I have a two-month internship. For this I chose to go in an architecture office in Italy, next to Torino.
Now (2015-2016), I study in Strasbourg the ecological construction.

Ongoing projects

Flatsharing in Strasbourg

This year I create a flatsharing in Strasbourg. If you're interested by joining to us, write me !

Carried out projets

Bike workshop in the Rabot

During the two years in Grenoble, I lived in the residence called the Rabot. The Rabot is not a residence like the others : it has a very engaged organization, the ARCUR. For this organization, I decide to create a new bike workshop : l'Atelier du troisième plateau. To learn more about it : website.

Power steering rotary valve flush

It was a tutored projet blending two formations : marketing and Thermal and Energy Engineering (GTE in french). The objective was to create a system alowing to wash the hydraulic circuits of power steering.
This will allow to avoid the rotary valve soiling, that restrain progressively the good work of the power steering.

Website calculating energy balances of cyclists

It's a website letting you understand a cyclist energy balance. It can calculate the consumed energy and the average developped power in a trajet of choice. You're interested ? It's here : Énergyvélo.